Welding Capabilities

Welding is a critical process to the successful performance of the product. Aero Trades specializes in...

  • Precision Heli-Arc Welding
  • Silver Soldering
  • Torch Blazing
  • Spot Welding

Spot & Seam Resistance Welding are used to assemble a wide range of metals, alloys & sheet metal thicknesses. Our wedling equipment includes a 200 KVA seam welder plus four spot welders ranging from 50 KVA to 2,000 KVA. The 200 KVA machine can join 1/4" total thickness in aluminum. Each welder is certified and is equipped with a tensile tester.

Welding fixtures hold the secret of precision control of the part shape as well as high productivity. Some of the fixtures developed at Aero Trades produce some seemingly impossible product shapes.